Blog reborn: Happy Place

Things have been pretty bad lately.

On a global level: fighting COVID-19.
On a national level: that little row, and the economy is broke.
On a local level: should I go to school?
And on a personal level: I now have 54 students in online courses that have to be ready in less than a week and I’m moving at the same time Christ almighty fuck fuck fuck shit.


“What would Happy Gilmore, the ‘protagonist’ of a 1990s bad comedy movie, and dangerously violent character that both commits seemingly random, aggressive attacks, and incites others to do the same, do?”

He’d go to his “happy place.”

Oh, I’m going there, and giving you one post a day with something that makes me (and hopefully you) happy. Come with me, and finally discover what straight, white males value in popular culture!


First up, since we’re living in strange times, it made me think of and watch the Black Keys’ video for their single, “Strange Times.”

In the video, some kids show up at a typical laser tag place where a theme park employee is rattling off the legal indemnification info. When the kids start the game, they get some adult players who are less “Laser Tag” than “The Most Dangerous Game.”

Best moments, in my opinion:

  1. When a kid in panicky voice says, “Guys, I think they’re using real lasers.”
  2. Aeurbach’s dead-eyed, thousand-yard stare in the night vision shot.

Enjoy friends.