Labor Day

I was doing some (very light) research on Labor day yesterday because I was not really sure what the origins of the holiday were. I knew that it had something to do with organized labor unions, but I was a little off in my assumptions as it had more to do with an appeasement strategy to prevent further nationwide strikes and disruptions in big industry (see the Wikipedia article). The obscurity of history prevents us from learning the origin story of such holidays.

It is the universal right of workers to organize, collectively bargin, and strike, no matter their profession and what a government determines is legal.

In this work environment, which is all too reminiscent of The Grapes of Wrath where employers cheat their workers out of the basic rights of laborers through systematic oppression, we have to remember that we may collectively and righteously employ the tactics of so many ignorant legislators to stop this country and force the government and employers to recognize the power and value of labor.

Finally, to demonstrate that I am a dangerous, leftist radical, here is a Woody Guthrie song about striking workers. Happy Labor Day everyone!