Blog hiatus – My Father’s Health

As you probably noticed I have not been writing, and I’ve determined that my blog is on de facto hiatus.

My father took seriously ill on a visit to Chicago, so I have been helping my family deal with the many complicated and time-consuming tasks associated with prolonged illness and recovery.

When I come back, I plan to tell my story of the great achievements of modern medicine as well as it’s faults and failures, the essential need for family to supervise and assist in care for loved ones, and the many frustrations and indignations that my family and I suffered at the hands of the health insurance system. The only reason I have refrained from writing is that I am devoting all of my energies to my family, work, and trying to retain some semblance of normalcy in my life.

Thank you to all–family, friends, co-workers, students–for your kind wishes and for keeping my family in your thoughts.