Rock and roll will never die – the return of 30 years in 30 weeks

Saving my ridiculously outdated blog from obscurity reminded me that I failed to complete my musical reminiscence that I began two years ago. Here’s what I originally promised back in 2013:

I’m calling this project #30yearsin30weeks, but the actual time frames are pretty arbitrary. I may give up on this relatively soon depending on how busy I get or how my interests shift. Seeing as I started this blog on a faulty premise, I’m not too concerned if I f**k this one up.

Yup, fucked it up just like I said I would. I promised an exploration of “middle/high school, college, and early graduate” albums, and delivered only on middle school. As I am currently high on my blog once again, I can promise you a renewed effort for a few months, and then another long absence when I get too busy. If I’m still around and writing this blog years from now, I may even quote that last sentence.

Here are the albums I said I would revisit last time I gave up, so that’s where I’m headed next:

Beck – Odelay (1996)
R.E.M – New Adventures in HI-FI (1996)
Many Artists – Tibetan Freedom Concert (1997)
Sublime – Sublime (1996)